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Not Me
MMI (March 25,1992 / )

Not Me

So pleased to see,
That finally it’s not me,
Who is teased, and
Ultimately you got yours
As I knew you would eventually,
Now who is hiding?
Who is crunched up crying?
It sure is not me
Because you know now I am free
I am more than a plane and a bird
I can fly away from this dirt
And if I want, I can never return
Because I am not chained
Now you are and I am shining
You are feeling what I was
You’re in my shoes as I was in my own
I am riding with clouds next to me
I can see above that you don’t like to be me
Someone like you is haunting you, who were me
I am not coming down, I am staying above
Somewhere where I love to be

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I've read some of your poems and your really write with passion. I enjoy your work and look forward to reading more. Sincerely, Mary