Not Meant To Have Rhyme

The thing known as good poetry not meant to have in it rhyme
In literature a lot has changed one might say in fifty years of time
Rhyme once a popular form of poetry by literary critics now dismissed as doggerel
And rhymers have been condemned to literature's poetasters hell
What used to be is not now as time brings with it change
And though rhymers by literary critics no longer seen as poets may seem a little strange
These self professed literary critics what true poetry is define
To them rhyme like some brands of wine to the wine taster is inferior wine
What true poetry is and should be is not for me to say
Only know that rhymers are out of favor among the literary critics of today
And they have convinced many on what true poetry ought to be
Though with them in their opinions everyone does not agree
As dead as the dodo is of rhyme one well might say
Of what was a popular form of poetry in a by gone day.

by Francis Duggan

Comments (1)

It doesnt matter to me at all what critics say or feel about rhyme. I enjoy reading and love writing in rhyme. To me it is the truest form of poetry. Most seem to disagree. Their opinion won't sway me. I enjoyed reading this piece very much. Not least because of the rhyming.