Not Moon But The Sun

Not moon but the sun,
Not sun but the moon.
Of course, they both,
Agree to the purpose I walk.

The clouds and the sky
They both lasted in life
And I choose my treasures.

I enjoy heavenly life
In the air and in water
With no obstacles,
My way of peace is with me.

I know the earth is
Liberal and kind.
I am not lost and I am
There in connection of true worth.

True, I am thirst of love,
But not lust.
I know no fire expires.
I fear to fall
Into the way of unrighteousness.

Both the moon and the sun
Are my guide, but I am
Not with them. I am separate
And I am dead to reason.

by Gajanan Mishra

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A righteous write! Spoke with much truth KW