Not Much In Koonwarra

Not much in Koonwarra the old lady said
No jobs for the youth here and she shook her head
Few local teenagers in Koonwarra stay
They move down to Melbourne or further away.

The majority of the farmers in Koonwarra are poor
And for those on the land the future insecure
Livestock prices are dropping in a profitless year
And one can understand why so few wish to live here.

And not much is happening in Koonwarra Town
Small businesses open only to close down
Of the people who live here many on the dole
And that they are unemployed is beyond their control.

But in all societies there's the wealthy few
And even in old Koonwarra there's the well to do
The financially well off their future secure
But where ever you live you will find rich and poor.

Not much in Koonwarra the old lady said
The old town looks shabby and enterprise dead
There's no work about so the young people go
And as the rural towns empty the big cities grow.

by Francis Duggan

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