Not Much Point

Not much point in waving your hands in the air
And complaining that life to you is quite unfair
Since others far tougher times than you have known
And most people do have problems of their own.

Life's not meant to be easy as some like to say
And that to many this does apply 'twould seem that way
For every up in life there is always a down
And most only can dream of wealth and renown.

I know that some hard times you've been through and known
But like Many I too do have cares of my own
And though with you I am one who can sympathize
That I feel powerless to help you I do realize.

Not much point in saying by life you're hard done by
That you cannot succeed though quite hard you do try
And when you complain success is for the lucky few
My answer to that is tell us something that's new.

by Francis Duggan

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