Not Much Room For Free Speech In Thailand

There's not much room for free speech in Thailand which does not come as any surprise
Their royal family held to be precious and them one dare not criticize
An Aussie novelist dared criticize them and there lingers in prison today
It does seem for free speech in Thailand the price can be quite big to pay
I do not dream of visiting Thailand though people who have been to there say
That it is a beautiful Country of beautiful people where they did enjoy their holiday
But if you must be careful with your words that does cancel the good things out
That I have been hearing of Thailand of there allow me to harbour some doubt
Free speech should be a basic human right except threats to kill or to injure you've made
For that is a verbal crime 'twould seem and the price for such has to be paid
But not with a lengthy prison sentence a few weeks at most of prison time
There's a difference between talking about it and actually committing the crime
Not much room for free speech in Thailand of which we have been made aware
Where an Aussie novelist lingers in prison to criticize their royals he had the courage to dare.

by Francis Duggan

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