TTO ( / Washington State)

Not My Cup Of Coffee ~

When she left Minnesota...
She left behind her North Star- - -
Heading in the direction of the Aurora Austrailis
She did, indeed, come very far;
Living in Universal City proved boring...
And Burnet was disappointing too! !
San Antonio had a little more to offer
But, too soon again, feeling blue;
Hungering at 55 for yet another change...
It was as if Lampasas had her name
A country road is her latest address...(and we have it)
In this, under the microscope, infamous game;
Working all of the angles - left and right...
Helping her ex get what he always needs......
Oh what a heinous garden they have sowed - - -
For it was done with totally rotten seeds;
They were once a married couple...
Now, she is just another elf for him
The Lone Star State has shone down brightly...
On their each and every whim;
She hasn't got a clue that we know...
For that matter, neither does he...
For he is still utilizing her and the rest of his elves
Continuing on with a crime that we all can see;
No, we haven't been idle here - sir! !
You see, we're very good at what we do
Your first mistake was messing with us -
Even though, you may still have nary a clue;
Here are some words, i offer you two & the elves
We really believe that you should know- -
You were NEVER my cup of coffee - sir! ! ! !
Nope - no way EVER - were you, my cup of Joe;

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Comments (4)

Quite a story poem, interesting to read!
Very interesting and poignant write sir! Another good share of information. regards.
Sherrie, how nice of you to comment. It's been a long time. Yes, you are correct - lots of angst and very serious feelings in this one. i had never heard of it either until we moved here years ago from Washington State. Have gone through this little town many, many times on travels Austin, San Antonio.
Interesting..angsty. My father was from Lampasas. Most people have never heard of the place! Mind blown.