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Not Often Destroyed In Such A Manner
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Not Often Destroyed In Such A Manner

Poem By Charles Chaim Wax

My sister called
sounded desperate
said I should come over
As soon as I showed up
she said, “Some kinda monster alligator
named Buck ate mosta Howard’s
best buddy, Huey—
both arms
a leg, and the head—
like a brother
all through
Howard’s rough childhood
only friend
he had
to tell the truth.
Suddenly Howard appeared
dressed all in black
and obviously shaken
by the loss of his
boyhood friend. I mumbled, “Sorry for your loss.”
He muttered, “Damn Buck
shoulda been dead
years ago
got enough buckshot in him
to sink a battleship
don’t know what’s keeping him alive.”
My sister
moaned, “He’s a lucky alligator.”
but Howard didn’t respond
to the remark. I asked, “How can
an alligator be lucky? ”
“HOW? HOW? ” my sister shrieked
as Howard banged his head
against the wall
bursting into tears.
Annie, my three year old niece
ran into the foyer
saw her father
saw mother
ran back to her room
the sight too much
for the child
and me too.
“HOW HOW HOW? ” my sister wailed on
then stopped
as did Howard
who slumped to the floor
the frenzy gone
from both
for the moment
My sister stared
at her fallen husband
finally saying,
“There’s lucky ones
and there’s unlucky ones
that’s it
that’s all.
the history of everything
case closed.”

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Howard sounds like a typical man to me chain! A bit of a messy poem 8 from me. Tai