Not One Country Ought To Have Nuclear Weapons

Not one Country ought to have nuclear weapons they are a danger to Humanity
And the Planet would be better off without them at least that's how it would appear to me
And Super Power those words sound a bit scary and the World does not need a super power
Billions in money wasted on weapons of destruction whilst hundreds die of hunger every hour.

It is so wrong that people die of hunger when billions are wasted in such a way
The millions in third World Lands who died of hunger don't even have grave stones to tell of where they lay
Times will change those words we now hear often but hope for the better is all one can say
And a World that is free of nuclear weapons I'd love to live just to see such a day.

If we can't learn to live in harmony with Nature then it's our own selves that we surely will destroy
And the World will be better off without us and without us Nature surely will get by
For a nuclear weapon can be very dangerous in the hands of those who use it as a toy
The youth of today can't say what fate awaits them and my sympathies are with every girl and boy.

It scares me to think how many nuclear weapons it takes just for to make one super power
And all the billions that's wasted on warheads and people dying of hunger every hour
I only can hope for a better World a World of nuclear weapons that is free
And a World where people do not die of hunger though such a World I may not live to see.

by Francis Duggan

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Splendid poem this