Not One Time Have I Not Been On Your Side

Not one time,
Have I not been on your side.

Each time I offered my opinion,
In your behave...
You were the first to refute my thoughts.
To announce publicly,
You can speak for yourself.

But refused to do it!

If I am going to be reprimanded,
For taking a stand you dislike.
Perhaps you should consider,
Fighting your own battles.
And not choose me to backbite.
Because my choice of words,
Are not yours...
When you decide to run from sight.

That invites more confusion.
Since from behind the scenes,
You are the one who incites,
Indecision and division.
To have others believe to do this is right.

And you don't have the guts,
To confront them and speak up!
Yet you want them to have me be perceived,
As the one who should be ignored...
If I don't keep my own mouth shut!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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