Not One To Bring That Up!

Well look at you!
I haven't seen you
Since the last time we spoke.
I'm sure you remember the circumstances...
And I'm not one to bring that up!
Isn't it strange how I ran into you?
You are looking radiant.
You're glowing...
And that's fabulous! the way.
What week was that,
You were going to pay me back
The twenty dollars you borrowed?
I KNOW that had to slip your mind!
God knows my thoughts,
Haven't given 'that' much time!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

HI Lawrence, Good Poem. I know how you feel when people take advantage of someone. I no it is not the 20 dollars but the principle, and morals. When someone borrows something you want them to be considerate and at least give it back. Excellent point.