Not One To Encourage A Response, However...

People in hiding,
With beliefs their unspoken intentions...
'Should' be understood.
Are finding themselves,
Alone with their misguided perceptions.

And there is just too much evidence,
That immaturity accepted to nourish...
Flourishes the environment,
With the presence of too many latrent fools...
Doing the best they can to escape,
From the accountability of their actions.

And people blame the children,
For the boisterous disrespect and ignorance.

I am not one to encourage a response,
Can the minds of today,
Address the depth of a shallowness expressed.
And accept this as a reflection of themselves...
As if to take pride in the reality of their social dysfunctions.
And pretend this existence is clear and free of normalcy.

I am not one to encourage a response,
Hasn't it been time that those delusional find,
Truth in themselves...
As a gift and nothing one has to fear!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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