Not One Wanting To Understand

I am not one wanting to understand,
The reasons why...
Someone else becomes upset,
For decisions they've made...
To accept and follow behind,
Another's footsteps to eventually regret.

Nor am I one to be overcomed by a need,
Of having a curiosity I just don't have...
By accusations made directed towards me,
Others are told to believe...
Decisions someone makes are my responsibility.
To leave me feeling guilt or remorse I will accept.

If I should be solicited,
For an opinion or a suggestion I might express...
To discover it not considered but rejected,
Then what is it from me expected?
Feelings of being victimized too?
Well, I'm not one to understand the reasons why.

'You act as if you don't care.'

Forgive me.
It has been awhile since I have acted.
And these days the scripts I get,
Have little depth or meaning...
To allow me to deliver the belief you are seeking.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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