Not One Who Runs Will Win

Not one who runs will win this race.
Or come close to see the finish line.
The pace of time is much too quick.
And those who haven't kept up with it,
Will find what they mention to intend...
With wishes outdated to see them end.
To be replaced by realities,
By someone not yet in the race who wins...
Leaving behind those fast and quick out the gate,
Finding their depictions much out of date...
For those in these times with minds awakened.
Since 2016,
Discloses to expose...
A truth no one before has seen and left shakened.
Although embracing a truth that reduces confusion.
And those kept beliefs released.
To no longer feed the keeping,
Of prioritized delusions permanently swept...
With an effective sweeping away.

'Off with the suits and ties.
Off with the lies to disguise.
Off with deceits,
Only a few feed to treat.
Off with denials to hide,
Twisted lips painted with lipstick...

Not one who runs will win.
To believe they will repeat,
Their doing to do these same things...
To sell another round,
Of preventing a discovered truth found.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Its the nature of human beings to prescribe themselves to delusions for the benefit of material solutions, everyone works so hard to reach the top, yet in the end we slide down. Perhaps we should just walk with our own goals of satisfaction. A good work with much to say about life and people.