Not Part Of My Love Description

Putting those adored and respected,
High on a pedestal...
Where from one's eyes,
They are placed and set.
May not be to the benefit of those placed there.

Sometimes people forget,
It is who they are...
And not what they have,
Or believe what they will get...
That someone places them so high in their eyes.

Some may begin to believe,
Everyone sees them that way.
Only to hit rock bottom,
When the source of their glow and light...
Begins to feel they have become annoying.

And for one sitting so high...
It is difficult to be seen,
When someone who once loved unconditionally...
Pulls the plug and leaves.

'I thought you said you adored me? '

~I did.
But competing with your ego,
Is not part of my love description.
Giving with no receiving?
I aint into it!

You don't mind if I take my light,
I showered on you so bright...
And go,
Do you?

I guided you up.
Who knows?
You're ALL THAT!
Maybe someone will come along,
To help you plant your feet back on the ground.
I'm outta here.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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