Not Part Of The Mix

I can decide not to accept.
And most times I do not hesitate,
In procrastination.
Or I can choose between singing the blues.
To a thumbing of my nose to misery.
Either way...
It is still 'my' life!
Not a perception of what someone else believes.
My life is real to me to live it completely,
With happiness if I so please.
And I do,
Wish a life...
Free of disturbing obstacles.

To continue...
If any part of my life concerns you,
That too will be shared!
But if it doesn't...
You need not worry,
About a judgement on me to pass.
Most likely it will be me!
Since my gratefulness is directed,
To the only 'One' that has bestowed upon me blessings!
And in my eyes, mind, body and soul...
You are not part of 'that mix' on any transfixing level.
All of this here you see,
Is God made.
Whether you like it or not to accept or reject.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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