Not Playing Fair At All

If the terrorists are so envious
Of our way of life,
And want to destroy it...
Why are they practicing on themselves?

Will they stop long enough
To realize tremendous amount of money
Has been invested to convince the world
That they are our enemies?
Who declared them that in the first place?
This strategy has not gone well.
Points of view are becoming destorted,
Because of this.

'HEY! !
We're paying for you to hate US!
Not yourselves!
Now we have to keep paying
To stop you from fighting yourselves...
So we can show there is a reason to denounce you!
Don't 'you' get it?
We were told you did.
At least through videotapes,
Delivered to us from another country!

This is getting too expensive
Keeping everyone convinced YOU are the enemy,
Has created protests and unrest on our shores!
These deceptions are getting too exhausting.
Come on!
Don't ignore us!
We want to 'win' this battle...
And you're not playing fair at all! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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