Not Quite Perfect

Just another voice in my head
Just another day in my bed
Hiding from the world it seems
I wonder what this all means

Messed up thoughts from a damaged mind
Need more space and need more time
Curl up in a corner to cry
Messy hair and bloodshot eyes

A family not quite perfect together
But a family that loves each other
Sticking together through great and worse
Got no money in this tiny purse

Pulling through by nothing at all
Always refusing to take the fall
Crazy thoughts and fights all day
Wishing someone would take it away

So much love in this house of wonders
So much conflict, so many downers
Starting fresh with every sunrise
Watching through these aging eyes

The things they've seen, the things they've done
Wash away with the rising sun
A family not quite perfect together
But this family will always love each other.

by Shazza Rixx

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