Not Quite Ready To Forgive

Making the decision to demean someone,
Does not return fruitful dividends.
Or softens the payback one gets.

And there is nothing to romanticize,
When the time arrives and has a way...
Of making those deliveries unexpected.

And quite the surprise it is,
For the ones hoping their misdeeds...
Were not taken seriously when done.

Even though their 'fun',
Affected the life lived of someone else...
Not quite ready to forgive or forget any of it.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Misdeeds are in all interpretation. Whether in good fun, or thoughts on the run. While some find it insulting. Others see it is a compliment. And without intentions truly known what could be possibly said? And that's not relevant? 'Yes I said, it is that mans fault he's an idiot.' Okay so are you saying his environment had nothing to do with it? 'Well no I'm not, I'm just saying he could change if he wanted too.' And are you willing to help him out? 'No I plan on suing him for defacing my character.' Okay mind if I ask which character exactly was that? 'Well all of them for they are all me.'