Not Quite Right

I have been trying to figure out why I am not quite right
Is it because my body is no longer quite as tight?
Is it because my hair is not quite as long
or my eyes are no longer brown as they belong?

Am I suddenly unacceptable because I loved you too much
or is it because I wanted your constant touch?
Do you know how deep this love goes for you
So deep my heart is beyond a 'code blue'.

Why suddenly am I not quite right?
Because I stand up for what I believe and fight?
Why do you dislike me so much
or look at me suddenly in such disgust?

Am I not the same person which you claimed to love
Who you fit with like Mike to his glove?
Is it because I had your child
and you wanted to continue to be so wild?

Why, please tell me now how this could be
Because I loved you so unconditionally.

by LaCicely Nicole

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