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Not Ready For Life

I'm not ready to grow up
I don't want to face the world
I just want to stay at home
And be a little girl!

I don't want to have to ask
My friends if they're alright
I don't want to have to wonder
If they'll commit suicide

I don't want to spend my life
Wishing i could go back
I want it to just be starting!
So i could take a little slack

I'm not ready for the workload
Sophmore year has to offer me
I'm not ready to say no to life
And let it confiscate my dreams

I do not want to admit
That boys can make you cry
I don't want to have to say
That my best friend just lied

I don't want to realize
That death is part of life
That pain is part of love
And the end is part of time

I'm sure not ready to say
That my first love is gone
That i thought he would stay
But now my love is gone

I do not want to admit
That life has hurt an pain
I don't want to scream
That mud comes from the rain

I don't want to argue
When you say rain isn't pretty
And when you say I'm beautiful
I don't want to disagree

I don't want to worry about love
and the trouble that it causes
I'm not ready yet to say
That life holds no pauses

I'm not ready to understand
War means lots of deaths
I'm not ready to realize
I could be taking my last breath

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Gabriella, I do believe we are separated sisters! I was thinking about writing a poem after this school year about how trying my grade 11 year has been. You my friend just put it all down. Honestly. This poem is briliant and definately one of my faves (as if I could choose) . Phenomenal job!
That was a great write, GabZ. Keep it up. :)
i love this poem! ! ! ...keep up the great work.. :)