Not Really Heroes At All

You hear them say that this bloke is a great bloke for he is very good at football
But the people we make into heroes are not really heroes at all
There's more to life than being a good sports person a champion swimmer or athlete
Though we do idolize these people and feed their egos and conceit.

You never hear them evaluate a person's true worth like what sort of a person he or she are
They admire the factory owner who drives around in his big car
We see him as very successful and vast fortunes in business he has made
But we never admire his workers who struggle to make ends meet on what they get paid.

Kind hearted Joan my marvellous neighbour for to help others goes out of her way
But we tend to take her for granted and good things of her never say
She is always supporting good causes and helping those in poverty
A role model and a true heroine yet we see her as ordinary.

Our values are materialistic and little of value we know
For high profile athletes and big business people such great admiration we show
Whilst the true heroes and the true heroines we seem to see fit to ignore
People like kind hearted Joan the real neighbourhood heroine the good woman who lives next door.

by Francis Duggan

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