Not Recognized

Too much time is spent,
Getting our minds bent out of shape...
Identifying what isn't here.
Or 'there'
What hasn't happened.
Who could do what but didn't...
With a lot of 'why',
Without reason to get things done!

Making excuses not to motivate each one
Of us...
To extend beyond our reach!
To take an active part.
Appreciating what is here,
And making clear our respect
Of what we do have!
Instead of destroying it...
Because our 'whims' are not immediately satisfied.

Like the spoiled creatures we are,
Crying about a harvest reaped
Only a few take time to get to know,
And keep...
From the 'art' of sowing!

But like the greed of spectators,
We expect to be fed from a growth
Of a dwindling bounty!
And blame those we do who toil in the fields.
Those who are there...
And have learned how to yield...
The fruits from their sweat and labor!

Leaving those who only savor laziness,
With minimal benefit and much complaint!
And yet everyone is 'taxed' beyond their means!
While those who make no contributions whatsoever...
Are heard whining and screaming the loudest!
Crazed from inactivity!

Taking what they want,
And discarding that which is not recognized!
Like vultures...
Waiting for death,
To prey over scavenged bones.
With ease and temporary contentment!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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