Not Seen As Successful

In life i am not seen as successful though of opportunity i have not been denied
I will end my days as a poetaster though to be a poet my best i have tried
In my mid sixties and feeling the years now one might say time is not on my side
How many more years are left in me is for the Reaper to decide
I often think of my young years in Millstreet in Claraghatlea from here far away
In the place where i grew into manhood i might feel a stranger today
I was a young man in the sixties and the years have left me looking gray
The longer you live the sooner you will die as some have been known for to say
I used to daydream in my late twenties that i would become a famous poet
One referred to as a man of letters and seen to be worthy of literary note
But daydreams are that only daydreams and for few do only come true
As has been said by the wise one we receive from life what is our due
The facts say i am not successful and fact as we know never lie
I was born to be a poetaster and as a poetaster i will die.

by Francis Duggan

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