Not So Easy

Is it the fear coming from Earth?
Is it a dream shooting me down?
Is it the wind taking me away?
Is it me trying to scream?
so empty, so empty

I'm scare to face to face on me
I'm scare of what I'm going to see
I'm scare, so scare of this picture
Not to be here now, not to be here now

I'm walking over the sea
I have no place to take flight
Like my body I begin to run
Down my waves until my crash
Run away so far, run away so far

There is something wrong running thru my head
There is something making me tired before being
There is something different which is travelling me down
There is something that I can't explain but it's get worse

What did I not do wrong?
When did I pass me over?
Where did I lose my mind?
How came this node that crushes my lungs?
Why did I in such place?
So many questions, so few answers

I need to wake up; I've got to move up
I have to come back to present
Not letting him behind me without tears
And be able to dive us in her ocean
to make true this real life

Oh baby, please don't close your door
Oh baby, please don't let me wander aimlessly
Me Myself My Dream My Love
I come back home tonight for a while
Don't ask me how it's end if you want to
Be part of this story

by Etienne Dugland

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