Not So For Billy

It should be a good man deserve a faithful woman but not so for Billy his ex wife Ann
Left him for one younger a handsome and tall man
And with her took their young children Lynda and Paul
Some women like some men not trustworthy at all

He loved and respected her as a good man should his wife
But that love works better both ways is a truism of life
Her leaving and taking the children reduced him to tears
He has not seen them for four going on five years

For loving and trusting such a price he did pay
Billy does not have one to love today
In his late thirties in his brown hair some gray
As a single fellow he feels happy to stay

Of his marriage he does not have a happy story to tell
That love can have it's disappointments Billy knows all too well
The woman he loved to him did not stay true
Of better things in life he is one who is due

Perhaps better from his marriage Billy was due
But not all women like all men to honour remain true
For our lessons in life always some price to pay
We learn as we live as the wise one does say.

by Francis Duggan

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