Not So Silent Reflections

How do you expect your relationships to grow?
When your pushing everyone away that you know?
Especially her.
I couldn't help but notice that,
your attempts to be a better man
are nothing more than just that.
Look at me when I'm talking to you.
You cant even face yourself, what's that say about you?
Do something, anything,
You're just standing there.
She can walk out of your life forever, don't you care?
You know there hasn't been a mirror that hasn't met your fist.
But this time it's different, try to resist.
Even though she doesn't know, she's your friend and you need her.
So pull yourself together and try to make it better.
Be the man you know you can be. Maybe she'll love you then.
She deserves better than what you are.
She needs true love not another scar.
Does she know how special she is?
Is she being treated right?
She's all You dream about at night.
But first things first.
Pick yourself up...up from the dirt.
You're better than this, even if no one else can care any less.
So step away from this mirror and make it your sever...the negative one inside you forever.

by Erwick Brandon

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