Not Sorry

Calculating mind you amaze me
Always thinking of a way to amuse yourself
Amusement at my hearts expense

You do things that you know will hurt me
Assuming I will not mind
You play games with my emotions
Gamble with my happiness

You try so hard to keep me from knowing what you do
Yet you claim you didn’t know what you where doing
You pretend not to know that it will hurt me

Never taking responsibility for your actions
You think simply saying sorry will make it ok
That my heart will mend

Don’t say you are sorry
Because you are not sorry
You are sorry for yourself

How can you be sorry when you did something that hurt me?
You knew I would hurt yet you went ahead and did it anyway
No… you are not sorry

Don’t say sorry
I hate it when you say sorry
It’s like you are mocking me for letting you hurt me

You are not sorry for causing me pain
You are not sorry for lying and cheating and taking me for a ride
You are sorry you got caught,
Not for my pain.

by Elizabeth Jacqueline Mpanga

Comments (2)

I hate that five letter word...seems so hollow to me.....and I use it so much myself even with hurts because it's just a word and you can't turn back the always straight from your heart: O)
Some people are just like that in the world