Not Such A Bad Thing

Suppose death isis not such a bad thing after all
Since it treats as equal us humans to the insects that crawl
On Mother Earth who does feed us until the day we do die
Is this idea of humans being superior to all other life forms based on a lie?
For humans as well as all other living things there is a last night and day
What is born must die life is this way
Does not matter if yours is a celebrated name
And you are one admired for your money and fame
Death will not treat you any different to the one in poverty or even the dog, pig or sheep
Your appointment with the reaper of lives you are born with you must keep
Us humans in technology, science, chemistry and mathematics may have come far
But we are not as great as we think that we are
Since to the scythe of life's reaper we eventually does fall
Suppose death is not such a bad thing after all.

by Francis Duggan

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