Not Such A Foolish Little Girl

Poem By Lyrael Myrna

Go on
Block me
From your world
You’re life
Your heart

Go on
Tease me
Even more than you have
Just to see
How I react

Go on
Hurt me
Just a little more
Than you have
Right now

Go on
Kiss me
Without passion
Destroy me
Just a bit more

See if I care
What you do
To me now
I’m all yours
To walk right over

Foolish little girl I am

He talks to me
Like a child
Empowers me
With roses

Concludes my thoughts
Destroys everything
Living inside me

Foolish little girl she is

Find a flaw
Proclaim it now
Insert your claws
Into my back

Throw my thoughts
Out the window
Burn them to
The ground

Find a hole
To throw me in
Make it deep
Let it seep

Crawl into
Your pathetic self
Hide next to
That dusty shelf

Because when I wake
You’ll know for sure
You’ll be the
First to know

How it feels
When you lie
How it feels
To truly die

I'm a foolish little girl I am

Comments about Not Such A Foolish Little Girl

disagree, you're far from being a foolish little girl. In truth you know exactly want you want, and where you're going. Good on you, Jerry
That's a strong write Lyrael. I like it. Good one.

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