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Not Suicide
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Not Suicide

Poem By Donna Nimmo

I've been hurt and I've felt deep pain
But suicide wasn't ever my gain
To think that someone has no other choice
Please know I care, let me be your voice
I've been pretty down and very low
Thought about it myself, would be such a blow
To people who I loved and people who care
They would blame themselves, think they caused their share
You're hurting now over some lost love
Find your self another, that you can be proud of
I can't see the future, I'm only human I know
But killing yourself is no way to go
They are not worth you feeling so sad
Continue your life and you will be glad
Maybe they really aren't worth your time
Out of the darkness you will climb
Never love another more than yourself
Or you'll find yourself sitting on a lonely shelf!

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Very important message in this one...self love and respect should always come first. Hugs, Dee