Not Sure Anymore

Poem By Suzy Skoda

I'm not sure how to let you go.
How to not even be your friend.
I always believed love would be enough and in the end
theres nothing left to keep us together.

Sad is it not?
How do two people who laughed, touched and shared so much,
become two people who let it slip by.
No words said, no fight left inside.

There will always be the time we had.
A song will come on, our song, a memory recalled.
There will always be something that will remind me of you, a place, and a scent.
A sadness will set in, for so many promises, so many dreams all broken, never knowing why.

I really believed love was enough,
how sad it is when you realize you're not sure of anything or anyone anymore.

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You say you love me, and I want to believe again.
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No one said it would be easy,
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