~**not Sure If It's Right~**

Poem By Sandra Dilley

For now I will paint my face
With sorrow,
For the love has died
And will not see tomorrow,
My eyes cry liquid pain,
I mourn Love's demise with
Tears that fall like rain,

Facing reality, Knowin' what I must do,
Working daily to try n get over you,
Let the wind of regret carry
Your voice away,
Knowin' it will disappear
More every day,

Slowly my mind will banish your face,
Soon it will be erased without a trace,
Time heals all wound,
I hope this is true,
For I so need to get over you
Never again will I open my heart
For it's tto painful,
When love falls apart,
Soon the clouds of sadness
Will pass and once again
My skies will be blue,
Each day my pain will lesson,
Cause I'll try getting over you~

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