BIM (5-30-76 / Tennessee)

Not Sure Why

Not sure why I was thinking it was real..
All the love and wonderful things I thought I really did feel.
Maybe it was a dream when I though my heart did heal.

Not really sure why my lips were on fire,
That my heart was so full and fueled by desire.
That my soul was touched by its counterpart,
That what God put together, noone or thing could tear apart.

Not really sure about the future I thought I saw,
The thought of building a family with the man I love,
That the Lord shined on me from up above.

Not sure why today I cry.
Not sure why I feel empty inside.
Not sure why I began to believe,
Not sure why I am meant to grieve.

I am sure of this, I will take it as it comes.
I will be thankful of what I had and no longer question why its gone.

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wow I like this. Have you been hurt by love? ? I have also. But God has his purpose for everything. If this guy left you...then maybe he couldn't see just how lucky he was to have you. Keep searching for love and writing these amazing poems! ! XOXO, Kolee