LK (12/21/1979 / Georgia)

Not That Kind Of Girl

“I am not to be rescued”,
She said as she stepped
From the doors out into the rain,
“They’ll be no need for a gentleman,
To lend me his coat, umbrella,
Or protection from flooded storm drains—
Nothing is needed to cover my curls
Or to keep my make-up unsmeared,
I am not that sort of girl—will tend to myself, my dear, ”
Wiping the mascara that streaks her face.
“No need for a handkerchief,
a tissue will do just as well, ”
Pressing onward to the duties that await.

“Do not expect I am ungrateful,
For any offer of help, just a
Stubbornly, independent woman,
I can do quite fine for myself.”

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