EM (3 October 1967 - / Baltimore MD USA)

Not The Confessional

I don't come holding a silver plate
piled high with off-white sin.
I want no incense or collared priest
to absolve or sentence me.
I am not penitent. I am pensive.

Webbed consciousness shivers as
I grasp amnesia's knot. Veins
swell. My vision rocks. I seek
dialogue, discourse with selves:
demons, saints, angels, whores.

Eucharistic parts suffocate,
fearing judgment, punishment.
Only blank pages, opened mouths
offer needed sanctuary, not
dark secrets in a Confessional.

I want no absolution in a dusty booth.
I taste the ecstasy of the vernacular Host.
These words are my communion.

by Ella McCrystle

Comments (1)

Too right matey! You don't have to take the biscuit, nor tell anyone what you wish you hadn't done what you did - even if you didn't or you don't. And don't let no-one tell you that you do. Still, it can be nice to chat to God sometimes, just one on one. Bless