DB (8/15/95 / Kingman, Arizona)

Not The End

losing everything you ever had
isn't going to be the end of the world
you still have people who are there for you
a long life ahead of you
don't freak out if something has gone wrong
something has happened to the one you cared about
you will always have other chances in life
to make up whats been lost
keep control of your life
don't let people take it over
it will end sooner then
knowing your sombody your not supposed to be
just be yourself
you may end up feeling
as if you have lost everything in the world
you havn't though, you've only lost what you think you've lost
which isn't the world
stay confident and life will be fine
it will catch back up to you
and the world wont end
unless you put it in your own hands

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