Not The Little Mold You Try To Make Me Fit Into

why do i have to fit a mold,
i dont want to be the barbie doll that is sold,
its not the way i am,
my feelings are brakeing down that dam,
im tierd of pretending,
im getting the little clues your sending,
im just not caring,
for the my pationts with you are really wearing,
im not the same as everyone else,
and why do you want me to be,
why cant you just see,
no one ses not even my own family,
you ask me if im prep, goth, emo, or punk,
well that is why our friend ship sink,
you try to make me the way im not,
go ahead give it a good shot,
you think everyone should be like you....a prepy, sk8, jock!
well then at you head i might trow a rock,
im not like the little mold you want me to fit into,
i do what i feel that i need to do,
no one can stop me not even you,
not the little mold,
not the little girl,
not the little pris,
not the little ditzz,
im not the little prep,
that you use to know! !

by Michelle Guza

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