Not The Most Likeable One

Of long and dry Seasons he had lived a span
He did look a crusty and hardy old man
His face brown and wrinkled from far too much sun
He puffed on his fag and he chomped on his bun

He looked in good health though his hair silver gray
Though clearly he has known a far better day
I said hello to him he did not reply
He did not acknowledge me as he walked by

Not the most likeable one i ever did meet
The old bloke who ignored my greeting on the street
Perhaps things for him were not going his way
We all have our bad moments as some like to say

He passed me in silence though to him i said hello
One who to me will never be a friend or foe
A crusty old bloke one i had not known
Perhaps one who does not have problems of his own.

by Francis Duggan

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