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Not The Position Of My Style
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Not The Position Of My Style

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Intellectualizing thought,
To gain popularity or support
Is not the position of my style!
If what I did was considered a sport...
Like basketball or football,
I'd have fans standing in line for a while!
But since it is not...
And what I do is subjected to bigots and snots,
I must tolerate the ignorance that comes
Like the smell of a sulfuric compound,
Mixed with bile.
In the hopes my poetic contributions...
Irrates the thickened skins,
Of those passing for human beings
When their venom is more poisonous than snakes...
With asppearances that compete with the looks of crocodiles!
And they have the 'balls' to collect their ineptness,
Together in forums to show fangs through their smiles!

I am not feeding on the opinions of that 'species'!
I have no need to walk on the path of that breed!

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