Not This Time

Poem By Elliot V. Kotek

You want to make me dull?
Fine word that ‘average’.

I want to make bulbs less dim
To shed light on the convalescence
That exists in the dark
To shine hope into the valley of fear
That accompanies the ‘insane’ into the volted bed
That accompanies the ‘crazy’ into the sharpened scythe
That slices the frontal lobe

Subjective determinations
Of men and women determined to be right in the head
When they may or may not be
But for sure are not
In their application
Nor their consideration
Or their composition
To afford them the luxury
Of decision

If doctors have the highest drug abuse
If doctors have high suicide rates
If doctors have sleepless double shifts causing misjudgements
Then should doctors judge
Or should judges doctor
Decisions made by ‘sane’ ‘ normal’ determinants

A lightning bolt jagged spikes through the cerebellum
Cooks the cortex
Sparks of flesh fuse explosives
No Acme corporations to foil the plans of the
Wile E Coyote
Not this time
Flesh to cinder

A sure path from ‘insane’ to insane
The quick route to crazy
A sure-fire firestarter
A poor dire heartbreaker
Conversation stopper
Issue dropper
STOP her!
stop her!
just stop…

please stop

not this time

please stop

who judges you

who judges you

who… judges… you…


please stop taming the brumby

please don’t break that mustang horse

it’s too full of soul when it glides over the morning
into the kitchen window

it’s too full of life when it thunders over the afternoon
into glory

it’s too full of energy when it crashes through the evening
into legend

it’s too much who we want to be
to kill it

do you want to break its spirit
do you want to make it ‘average’

don’t you dare
don’t you even stop to think
don’t you dare stop to think
because I will lash you fiercely
I will slash you loyally
I will bash you righteously
to protect that innocent soul
to protect that incandescent life
to protect that unadulterated energy

and you know that’s true
you can see it
where I see
where I sit
where I breathe
and while I do
feel it.

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and thus....insanity is born...awesome had really good tempo and rhyme

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