Not To Feel Relevant

For you a power hungry person not to feel relevant cannot be a nice thing
When your once fans out there your praises no longer sing
The one who is their center of attention today is no longer you
To accept irrelevance for one who loved to be and used to be relevant must be a hard thing to do
Though yours is no longer looked upon as a great name
You had your time in the limelight and you enjoyed your fame
And though that was years ago and is now of your past
Few things in life ever does seem to last
Of being known and admired you felt relevant and proud
And you loved the applause of the adoring crowd
But even life is a journey that does have an end
And few things do last of this why pretend
You did have your fan club a long time ago
And time it does seem has become your foe.

by Francis Duggan

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Great poem loved it.