Not To Oppose

Man and woman
Both are human
Essential for survival
This world is so phenomenal

Let us keep aside gender
Let us also forget who has more power
Let us concentrate on who can do better
I think none either

Sex is matter of an age
That we need to manage
Not over reacting
Or not always physically acting

We are not living in animal kingdom
Where never seen the freedom
The liberty is offered seldom
Forest life has its own custom

We are human race
We need to follow case by case
Somewhere women may be at fault
Sometimes the men shall have guilt

Both are essential wheel
The life has to be pulled still
No one can do it independently
So it is better not to oppose vehemently

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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beautiful Sai Krishna31 minutes ago well written Comment +1 Good message Nicole Hayley30 minutes ago I love the message you're putting forth in this poem, and its obvious that you're passionate about the topic. With a little work on word choice and arrangement, you could go on to be a great poet.
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well stated, MHA. 'I think not either' is better
Man and woman Both are human