Not Too Hollow

A promise not too hollow
Relation to grow and allow
No restriction of any kind
As can be seen even by blind

Love is divine gift
It finds no way or shift
It just takes place
There is glow on face

Love is for loving and not leaving
It is for the joy and pain relieving
No matter how much hurdle you face
Nothing should separate us in any case

It is holier than holy to keep the relation
It can find any suitable equation
It is same in hope and despair
One broken can not be repaired

It may find long wait
But can’t be sealed by fate
Let the spring come very late
When flowers zoom I will openly dance and state

I live for tomorrow
Today I may have to lye low
There is high hope for lovely future
I am confident and very much sure

I am very much optimistic
The same position can not remain static
It has to go away for holy reasons
The joy is to be shared by two persons

Hold in arms wherever you go
The wind may also help and blow
As rive has calm and natural flow
Face may might up and find beautiful glow

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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