Not Too Old To Rhyme

I have written so much rhyming stuff it does seem
Though this does not do anything for my self esteem
My rhymes rather simple and easy to recite
For my own enjoyment the only reason i write

Since i am not one with a literary degree
What is or is not poetry why do you ask me
I am just one of those who writes rhymes every day
A rhymer writes rhymes and a cow does eat hay

There is so much beauty in this Land of the south
And so many things for to write rhymes about
The wild birds are singing in the coolness Of the Spring
The workings of Nature is an amazing thing

Wherever i turn to look beauty i see
Pink blossoms in clusters on every fruit bearing tree
I well may be one on the wrong side of time
But as of yet i am not too old to rhyme.

by Francis Duggan

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Wonderful poem so good.