A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed.

Two friends went to a forest.
One was very much honest,
And the other one was very bad,
Daily, for their livelihood.

One day, they saw a wild bear,
Almost coming close, very near.
The bad man climbed a nearby tree,
But the other one couldn't reach the tree.

He lied below the tree, posing as dead,
As he knew well, bears touch not any dead.
Without moving his limbs, he held his breath.
The bear smelt his body lying in close to death.

After it went away without harming him,
The man from the tree asked him,
What the bear whispered into his ears,
When he remained with closed eyes?

'The bear told me not to trust such
Selfish friends like you, very much,
And also said that a friend in need,
Is really a friend in deed.'

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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..........beautiful imagery....a lovely poem ★