ME (15 June 1944 / Canterbury)

Not Waiting But Sounding

We don’t wait, we wonder
if now is the time
for songs to flow –
strive to illuminate
the process of the mind.

We don’t write, we struggle
with unresolved dilemmas
from a troubled time.
Snatching the fevered line
out of a verbal stream.

We capture sprats from our
sense saturated scheme
of things, our thoughts
inscribed by rumours
of some impenetrable theme.

Our words may seldom praise, although
their aim is affirmation –
our images may never raise
the hopes of those who know
and share our fears.

Often we take the bait
our tamed imagination feeds us –
swallowing dreams, regurgitating
woes. We seldom wait, we wander

out into the unknown.

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