Not Wheelchair Accessible

Poem By Lore Me34

I have something to say but no one will hear it because I can’t get in.
The place to speak is not wheelchair accessible.
My whole life I have been on the outside looking in.
Because most business owners brains are not wheelchair accessible.
When I’m on the street corner just waiting for bus some one walks up and hands me a dollar because they think I’m begging another mind that is not wheelchair accessible.
I know most people have to look down to see me, but they don’t need to look down on me. A person who is unable to see past the physical is a person who will never see that I’m not the one with the disability they are. Do you hear me or are you not wheelchair accessible.

Comments about Not Wheelchair Accessible

This is a profound piece, Lore. I think sometimes 'the wheelchair inaccessibility' comes from an innocent place, from ignorance. But some of it is incurable, as it comes from an inability or unwillingness to empathize. I found with my last broken ankle that some people thought little of minimizing the injury. There were a few who even said they'd like to experience a broken leg without having one. I'm not sure how one experiences that; coping isn't comparable to an amusement park ride. This is a very thoughtful, thought-provoking poem.
this is something I didn't realize until the day I became a wheelchair user... very true... +10
I hear you, Ronald! Enjoyed this angry poem, and I hope others will hear, too. Love, Fran xx
Well said! I know this feeling because my father was in a wheel chair most of his life. OUTSTANDING! Patricia Gale

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