Mother Nature

You claim my birth.
Why do I call you mother?

when your earthquakes rumble and shake the earth
when your fiery mouth gobbles up the forests and unsuspecting villagers
when you belch & engulf your children along your shores

when you loose your fury of fire & bury so many in homeless dust
when your tornadic winds grope furiously for trailers & all your children’s things
when your wrath no limits knows and your water & oil do not mix

No mother do I know who lets her children thirst.
No mother do I know who burns her children’s skin.
No mother do I know who is so uncaring about who hungers or drowns.

You hold back your gifts & then let flood of such plenitude,
So intent on giving birth and nothing more, with no regrets..

- Oct.10,2007

by Ben Gieske

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