Not With Me Today

You are deep in heart
Fully seated from start
Since I saw you from first day
You were not at all going away

From distance, I used to watch
Sincerely sent messages to catch
Her attention and align
She was at her zenith to turn

I was not discouraged
But skillfully managed
To go near
And appear

I expressed desire
And admired
Through my verses
She was almost in mind with misses

Today she is not with me
But I feel very much free
Neither have I needed her impression in mind
Not she proposed exchanges of any

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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Lovely poem. Partha Sarathi Paul, guskara-burdwan 10/24/2014
Erlc Ross what do you think of sanitation and results; I want a fair trial? These are not immature requests. I do not want to interrupt and I most assuredly do not want to evade or attain face book! ! I like your words, the word and start of my day as followed, good morning 10 hrs · Unlike · 1
Mitos Jane Tugade Nepomuceno buenos dias! 3 hrs · Unlike · 1
Hasmukh Mehta welcome Demitri Tyler Just now · Unlike · 1
Hasmukh Mehta welcome vijay vaghela n anjana chaudhary Just now · Unlike · 1
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